How to get registered as a close protection officer

How to get registered as a close protection officer

A close protection officer is a bodyguard who protects people of high rank or affluent people from the risk of assassination, abduction, physical attack. They are also called as personal protection specialists.  The life of the Head of the state, politicians, Members of the royal family is under constant threat. So is the need for executive protection agents to save them.  To work as a close protection officer, you may need a license from a Security industry authority.

What are the two types of licenses?

1. Frontline license

2. Non-front line license

Who all need a license from SIA?

A front line license is required for those  who are sole traders, partners of a company or directors of companies and they perform certain activities that require licensing. They do these activities to execute a contract. A non-front license is required for those who are in charge of those who carry out activities that require a license. You should be above 18 years and should pass verification of your identity.

What are the documents required for registration?

Do you have your UK passport? Then consider that your registration is almost completed. First, you have to apply online and send SIA the required information. They will check and if every information is correct and genuine, SIA will provide you with a license. But, if there is a mismatch in the address given in the passport and your actual address, you have to go to the nearest post office along with required documents. In case SIA asks you to submit them some documents, you have to give them original documents only. If your documents are in some other language than in English, you should submit them an originally  translated copy of the document they ask you to provide them with, online.

What about the cost of application for license?

You may have to pay an amount of 220 pounds, which is a non- refundable. The license you get from SIA is valid only for 3 years and  you may have to reapply for it four months before the month of expiry of the license. The authority will come to your office for a verification and if needed, they will ask you to submit certain documents as well. You will get a tax rebate if you have paid the fees for yourself. If your employer has paid, no such privileges will be given.

Through whom should I apply?

I can apply for a license myself or through my employer. If you are going to apply yourself login to the SIA website just like your Gmail or Yahoo account. You have to sign up by choosing an ID and a password. The next step is to sign in to your account. Fill in the required details. Verify the details once. Click submit. The SIA will check all your information and if further information needed, they will ask you to provide. They will provide you with a plastic ID card which they expect you to carry while carrying out your responsibility. Are you applying through your employer? Then also the  procedure is same. But, instead of trying to match with individual information, the SIA will match it with business information. This is the procedure followed for getting registered as a close verification officer.

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