Give you Home a Modern Garden with Composite Decking

Give you Home a Modern Garden with Composite Decking

One of the most cheapest and easiest ways in which to create a modern garden for your home is by using composite decking. This type of decking fuses together reclaimed wood and plastic fibres. It is incredibly low maintenance, strong and long lasting. It also differs to soft and hardwood decking as it does not need to be regularly treated and is resistant to rot, cracks and splinters. These are just some of the many reasons why people choose composite decking when they want to create a stylish and modern garden for their home. An additional bonus is that composite decking can be bought in a variety of colours, and it won’t fade, even when in direct sunlight for many years.

Below we share some ideas of how to create a modern looking garden by using composite decking


Because composite decking is available in a wide range of colours, you can let your imagination go wild. If you plan to have a large decking area, then you can incorporate a central pattern of your choosing. For a smaller deck, you could edge it in a variety of different odours in order to crate a mosaic type pattern.

Create separate areas 
One fantastic way in which to define space in your garden is by the use of decking. If you want a seating area and a separate barbeque area, then use decking as a means to do so. If you want them to be placed on the same deck, then the areas can still be defined with the use of different coloured boards.

The Walkway
Composite decking looks great when used for the purposes of a walkway or simple path. This may be for you to walk from one area of the garden across a pond or to edge a small pool. The type of composite decking you choose can also be reflected by the décor in your garden. Perhaps you want a natural feel, so opting for stained wood is a good idea.

The use of steps
When you need to access a raised deck, then the obvious choice is to use composite decking in the form of steps. These will truly blend into the garden, as well as helping to create a focal point. The use of decking rails can also add to the overall look.


Every modern garden needs lighting and one exciting way in which to create subtle mood lighting is by lighting up you decking in the form of small spotlights. They can be easily screwed into the decking edge. This is a relatively cheap way to light up your garden and will create a soft and warm glow.

Board width
One useful consideration when planning your decking, is that of board width. Should you use narrow or wide boards? If you have a large decking area, then wide boards can look particularly tasteful and modern. The general rule is that for smaller gardens where there is a lot of decking that covers the space, then narrow boards are probably best as they help to make the garden look bigger.

Shaped decking
The real beauty of composite decking is that it can be shaped with a rounded or straight edge, as it is very easy to cut. This all very much depends upon your overall decking design, but it does mean that you have a lot more choice when it comes to gardens that are nor traditionally square.

Composite decking is the obvious choice when designing and creating that stylish modern garden. Have fun and create the garden of your dreams.

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