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How to Become a Locksmith

How to Become a Locksmith


Nowadays, locksmith work goes well beyond lock and keys, drawing businesses from a variety of sectors which include commercial, government, residential or automotive but also, installing CCTV systems and safes, repairing faulty or damaged units among others that come under their remit. Due to this, the work of a locksmith has varied significantly day to day.

Acquiring the skills of a locksmith often involves a combination of classroom and hands-on experience. The tools and products that the locksmith has to work with, range from the simple to the most sophisticated devices and security systems. Therefore, experience in electrical work and carpentry can be so beneficial at his disposal.

What kind of training is required to become a locksmith?

Since training to become a locksmith involve a combination of classroom and hands-on experience, there exist so many schools offering locksmith training programs within the country, offering both online and in person courses. The British Locksmiths Institute, Master Locksmiths Association, and Associated Locksmiths of America are some of the approved training institutes. They are all good places to enroll into if you are looking for the program.

The locksmith training involves taking courses on topics such as commercial locks, electronic access locks, key identification, business security system, high-security locks, among others. For instance in MLA, they provide a four-course training program to ensure they produce fully qualified Master locksmith.

After enrolling for the course as a learner, you first undergo a general locksmith course which involves learning the general aspects of the trade. Later, you’ll undertake a first course where you learn how to pick and open locks. After this program, you’ll take the MLA entry exam and the Full member’s exam.

Learners who complete in-person programs have a chance to put their learning into practice using the tools that locksmiths use. To improve the hands-on experience, a locksmith competes for an apprenticeship as a trainee with other experienced locksmiths.

Are there any certifications or licensure requirement

Many states require locksmiths to have a license to practice their trade. The voluntary certification aids in proving to the clients that the locksmith has undergone the necessary training and experience. The fact that locksmiths are granted access to people’s homes and some sensitive security information, makes it necessary for clients to certify that they are trustworthy, reliable and qualified by checking their licenses.

To become a Certified Registered Locksmith, one needs to have passed an examination that measures knowledge in aspects such as, codes and codes equipment, blank key identification, professional lock opening technique, lockset servicing, etc. In some states, the locksmith is required to have passed a criminal history background check, completed an approved training course and have authentic licensing certifications from a recognized institution. For instance, at the Associated Locksmiths of America, they offer locksmith certification at the various levels of expertise. With additional experience, the applicant can either become a Certified Professional Locksmith or a Certified Master Locksmith.

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If you are looking forward to working as a locksmith for your first time, you may need to start out as a novice or a trainee for an existing firm. You can as well consider approaching an established, licensed and accredited Locksmith willing to take you in as a trainee.

Other locksmiths consider looking for opportunities in some of the established independent locksmith organizations, security equipment manufacturers or even hardware stores. Some of these companies are either large, or operating on a franchise, and will provide a 24-hour emergency response services. Big organizations such as universities and hospitals, will hire locksmiths and eventually keep them as their staff, which is a great opportunity if you secure a such a vacancy.

You might as well consider becoming self-employed. However, becoming self-employed is very competitive and may need you to do careful market research about how to better your services and become unique among the local business links and surveys.

What are the job Prospects?

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has estimated from their research that employment of locksmiths will have a 7% growth by 2020. The job prospect will be better for those who are offering services in areas that are starved and not well served by some of the established locksmiths. Since the salary of a locksmith depends on the quality of services that he/she offers, one will need to perform a good job to attract more clients, who will boost your reputation.

Give you Home a Modern Garden with Composite Decking

Give you Home a Modern Garden with Composite Decking

One of the most cheapest and easiest ways in which to create a modern garden for your home is by using composite decking. This type of decking fuses together reclaimed wood and plastic fibres. It is incredibly low maintenance, strong and long lasting. It also differs to soft and hardwood decking as it does not need to be regularly treated and is resistant to rot, cracks and splinters. These are just some of the many reasons why people choose composite decking when they want to create a stylish and modern garden for their home. An additional bonus is that composite decking can be bought in a variety of colours, and it won’t fade, even when in direct sunlight for many years.

Below we share some ideas of how to create a modern looking garden by using composite decking


Because composite decking is available in a wide range of colours, you can let your imagination go wild. If you plan to have a large decking area, then you can incorporate a central pattern of your choosing. For a smaller deck, you could edge it in a variety of different odours in order to crate a mosaic type pattern.

Create separate areas 
One fantastic way in which to define space in your garden is by the use of decking. If you want a seating area and a separate barbeque area, then use decking as a means to do so. If you want them to be placed on the same deck, then the areas can still be defined with the use of different coloured boards.

The Walkway
Composite decking looks great when used for the purposes of a walkway or simple path. This may be for you to walk from one area of the garden across a pond or to edge a small pool. The type of composite decking you choose can also be reflected by the décor in your garden. Perhaps you want a natural feel, so opting for stained wood is a good idea.

The use of steps
When you need to access a raised deck, then the obvious choice is to use composite decking in the form of steps. These will truly blend into the garden, as well as helping to create a focal point. The use of decking rails can also add to the overall look.


Every modern garden needs lighting and one exciting way in which to create subtle mood lighting is by lighting up you decking in the form of small spotlights. They can be easily screwed into the decking edge. This is a relatively cheap way to light up your garden and will create a soft and warm glow.

Board width
One useful consideration when planning your decking, is that of board width. Should you use narrow or wide boards? If you have a large decking area, then wide boards can look particularly tasteful and modern. The general rule is that for smaller gardens where there is a lot of decking that covers the space, then narrow boards are probably best as they help to make the garden look bigger.

Shaped decking
The real beauty of composite decking is that it can be shaped with a rounded or straight edge, as it is very easy to cut. This all very much depends upon your overall decking design, but it does mean that you have a lot more choice when it comes to gardens that are nor traditionally square.

Composite decking is the obvious choice when designing and creating that stylish modern garden. Have fun and create the garden of your dreams.

5 Tips for a Pleasant, Low Maintenance Living Space

5 Tips for a Pleasant, Low Maintenance Living Space

Life can be busy, with various commitments like work, family and social life leaving little time for housework. As such, a low-maintenance living space is the ideal solution for creating a pleasant and practical home environment. Here are five tips on how to achieve it:

     1. Opt for open-plan living

Open-plan living is a great way for all members of the household to engage in different activities concurrently while still being able to interact. It’s nice for someone to be busy in the kitchen whilst keeping an eye on the children or chatting with others in adjacent living spaces. It’s also much easier to maintain an open-plan living space than several different rooms. There could be constraints to creating an open-plan area, such as walls, but as long as these aren’t load-bearing, it is relatively simple to move or remove partition walls. When it’s not possible to remove a wall, consider whether removing doors will help the flow between the living rooms. The trick is to create a living space that is as open as possible while maintaining distinction in each area through décor and furnishing.

      2. Practical flooring 

The floor is the largest single area of the home that needs cleaning on a regular basis. Therefore, it is important to make it as low-maintenance as possible by installing flooring that not only meets your budget but is practical and hardwearing. There are many options including carpet, tiles, hardwood, laminate and vinyl. Hard flooring requires the least maintenance, and of these, laminate and vinyl are the most cost-effective. When changing an existing floor covering, remember to inspect the floor beneath as, particularly in older properties, you may find there are attractive floorboards that can simply be sanded and varnished.

      3. Choose the right furniture

Furniture in the living space of the home needs to be practical, comfortable and attractive, so it can be difficult to find suitable pieces that are also low-maintenance. A sofa is often the main item of furniture in the living room, but certain designs can be hard to keep clean. In households with pets or young children, a leather settee can be a great solution as it has a wipe-clean surface that doesn’t stain or hold odours. Avoid bulky furniture like bookshelves as they have lots of surfaces that collect dust. Instead, add storage space via wall-mounted shelving and built-in cupboards. Invest in an extendable dining table so that it doesn’t take up too much room on a daily basis but can accommodate more people when entertaining. Pick furniture with smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and protect wooden tables with a good quality table protector.

      4. Easy-care soft furnishings

Soft furnishings like curtains, rugs and cushions are a fantastic way to put your own stamp on a house, and they are also an easy way to update the décor. However, as with furniture, it is important to choose fabrics and finishes that are easy to look after to achieve a low-maintenance living space. Opt for machine washable curtains and avoid shag-pile rugs as they cling onto dirt particles. Look for cushions with anti-dust mite covers that are machine washable as they can be easily cleaned as necessary whilst retaining shape and plumpness.

       5. Recessed lighting
Suspended light fittings can be practical, but they can also attract dust and require frequent cleaning. Where possible, install recessed spotlights. These are available in a variety of attractive finishes and can include features such as being dimmable or angled. Halogen and LED are the main choices for bulb types, but for low-maintenance use LED bulbs as these produce a natural-looking light and are much more energy efficient, meaning you won’t have to change them very often.

5 Affordable Ways to Modernise your Home

5 Affordable Ways to Modernise your Home

Modernising your home can be costly, time consuming, and often labour heavy. Creating a contemporary feel to an ageing building with exhausted design, can seem an almost unthinkable concept. However, this does not always have to be the case; there are a number of fantastic options available to make this task effortless, affordable, and enjoyable. Here are five easy, low cost suggestions to create a modern feel in your home:

The Minimalist Look
One key feature of most modern homes is the abolishment of clutter, and the implementation of the ‘less is more’ concept. Creating an open space, or the illusion of an open space, can be a brilliant way of accomplishing a modernised feel in your home. The process can be as simple as removing general clutter and bulkier furnishings, or moving existing furniture to optimise the space available to you. The idea is to arrange the decor in a way that utilises the area and creates an open feel to the room. You can even add decorative mirrors to the room to give the appearance of a larger open space.

Atmospheric Lighting

Lighting can have a huge effect on the appearance of a room and create a contemporary look at a surprisingly low cost. There are several lighting options available to compliment your home, some require installation and others are simply operated via electrical outputs. Depending on your budget and skills, you may wish to install spotlights in the ceiling, or a dimmer switch to add a ‘mood lighting’ feel. For those looking to keep costs and labour at a low, consider adding up-lighters or lamps. You can also purchase LED strip lighting for a very reasonable price, these can be excellent when used to surround televisions, mirrors, or picture frames, or creating lighting borders around the edge of the room.

Freshen Up

Often, simply painting the room can be all it takes to create a fresh and modern look. Paint can be purchased at very affordable prices, especially white paint which is great when attempting to make the room look both cleaner and sleek. Incorporating white paint with the ‘minimalist look’ (mentioned above), will have your home looking modernistic and immaculate with minimal cost and effort. You can also paint wooden furnishings white, to blend into the room and add give a more spacious appearance.

Old Is New

If you’re on a tight budget, then popping to your local charity shops can be a great way to source new furnishings for your home. It is amazing what people get rid of these days, you can come home with bags full of lovely new items for your home at the fraction of the cost! Visiting charity shops is both fun and exciting; you never know what gems you’ll return with.

Get Crafty

If you’re the creative type, or know someone who is and is willing to help you out, consider making your own decorations or furnishings for your home. This can be as simple as creating small, but effective hanging decorations or even customised plant pots. If you’re good with wood, you could build your own furnishings, such as tables and chairs, for a considerably lower cost than you would pay when purchasing them elsewhere. Creating your own wooden items means you can use better quality materials and customise the design to your specifications. Another great idea is to consider reupholstering furniture that you already have with contemporary fabrics. This can really make a difference to the appearance of your home and can be very rewarding.

So what are you waiting for? Get down the charity shops, grab yourself a tub of paint, and Feng Shui your furniture. Your friends will wonder how your home looks so great with such minimal cost and effort!