5 Affordable Ways to Modernise your Home

5 Affordable Ways to Modernise your Home

Modernising your home can be costly, time consuming, and often labour heavy. Creating a contemporary feel to an ageing building with exhausted design, can seem an almost unthinkable concept. However, this does not always have to be the case; there are a number of fantastic options available to make this task effortless, affordable, and enjoyable. Here are five easy, low cost suggestions to create a modern feel in your home:

The Minimalist Look
One key feature of most modern homes is the abolishment of clutter, and the implementation of the ‘less is more’ concept. Creating an open space, or the illusion of an open space, can be a brilliant way of accomplishing a modernised feel in your home. The process can be as simple as removing general clutter and bulkier furnishings, or moving existing furniture to optimise the space available to you. The idea is to arrange the decor in a way that utilises the area and creates an open feel to the room. You can even add decorative mirrors to the room to give the appearance of a larger open space.

Atmospheric Lighting

Lighting can have a huge effect on the appearance of a room and create a contemporary look at a surprisingly low cost. There are several lighting options available to compliment your home, some require installation and others are simply operated via electrical outputs. Depending on your budget and skills, you may wish to install spotlights in the ceiling, or a dimmer switch to add a ‘mood lighting’ feel. For those looking to keep costs and labour at a low, consider adding up-lighters or lamps. You can also purchase LED strip lighting for a very reasonable price, these can be excellent when used to surround televisions, mirrors, or picture frames, or creating lighting borders around the edge of the room.

Freshen Up

Often, simply painting the room can be all it takes to create a fresh and modern look. Paint can be purchased at very affordable prices, especially white paint which is great when attempting to make the room look both cleaner and sleek. Incorporating white paint with the ‘minimalist look’ (mentioned above), will have your home looking modernistic and immaculate with minimal cost and effort. You can also paint wooden furnishings white, to blend into the room and add give a more spacious appearance.

Old Is New

If you’re on a tight budget, then popping to your local charity shops can be a great way to source new furnishings for your home. It is amazing what people get rid of these days, you can come home with bags full of lovely new items for your home at the fraction of the cost! Visiting charity shops is both fun and exciting; you never know what gems you’ll return with.

Get Crafty

If you’re the creative type, or know someone who is and is willing to help you out, consider making your own decorations or furnishings for your home. This can be as simple as creating small, but effective hanging decorations or even customised plant pots. If you’re good with wood, you could build your own furnishings, such as tables and chairs, for a considerably lower cost than you would pay when purchasing them elsewhere. Creating your own wooden items means you can use better quality materials and customise the design to your specifications. Another great idea is to consider reupholstering furniture that you already have with contemporary fabrics. This can really make a difference to the appearance of your home and can be very rewarding.

So what are you waiting for? Get down the charity shops, grab yourself a tub of paint, and Feng Shui your furniture. Your friends will wonder how your home looks so great with such minimal cost and effort!

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